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IT Systems Support Specialist professional course

Level 2 Higher Education Program

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Course Introduction

Applied Business Academy is offering this exciting City and Guilds IT System Support Course in London (Free*) and you can gain a range of IT skills upon completion. Benefit from learning the key skills needed for system support roles in IT such as troubleshooting, Systems security and Networks, testing basics and providing level 1 helpdesk support for hardware and software related queries.

If you’re ambitious and want to further your industry knowledge and skills, then this Diploma prepares you with the training required to achieve the CompTIA A+ or N+ certification. You can become a certified Server Support Technician and gain the competitive-edge in your career!

Course Delivery and Support


Classroom Sessions – On Saturdays (8- 12 weeks)


Allocation of IT Tutor with on-going support via email and telephone


Virtual Learning Environment, candidates must complete all online learning within the portal

Course Duration

8 – 12 WEEKS

Skills you will gain


Install & configure ICT systems - hardware and networks


Carry out fault finding and remedial maintenance on the systems


Perform Preventive maintenance of ICT systems and peripherals


Design and install a computer network and understand data security


Customer Service Skills needed to provide IT systems Support Services

Who could take this qualification?

It is a great course for anyone looking to gain new skills and knowledge to start a career in IT or progress in your chosen career and acquire new ICT skills.

Job prospects

Complete the Level 2 Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals qualification and get ready to work in the ICT industry as a:


IT Support Technician


1st Line Helpdesk Support technician


PC Technician


PC Hardware engineer


Desktop technician


Bench Technician


First line/2nd line support

Get ready with a superior advantage for your career

IT Systems Support Specialist course curriculum

Learners are required to complete a mandatory unit


Customer Support Provision

The learners will be introduced to the basic techniques required to network computer systems and introduce the candidate to standards and protocols.

Technical Competency Units covered will include the following:

Unit 011 Principles of ICT System and data Security
In this unit learners will explore ways of maintaining the integrity of IT systems by controlling and monitoring physical access, protecting hardware and protecting data by, for example, encryption. This requires knowledge of both physical and access control security and their application in a real-world situation. Attacks against computer-based systems are commonplace and increasing and therefore the IT practitioner needs to develop skills to be able to combat such threats. This unit enables learners to understand why security is necessary, the potential dangers, and how to protect systems and data.
1. Know the common types of threat to ICT systems and data
2. Know how to protect ICT systems
3. Be aware of the applications of cryptography to ICT systems and data
Unit 229 Install and configure ICT Equipment and Operating Systems
1. Prepare hardware/equipment for installation
2. Install and configure hardware/equipment
3. Test installed hardware/equipment
4. Prepare, carry out and document the installation and upgrade of an operating system • Configure and test an installed operating system
Unit 231 - Testing ICT Systems
1. Use typical diagnostic and test procedures
2. Apply standard test procedures to PC systems and peripherals
3. Interpret test results to identify faulty components and apply simple fixes
Unit 235 Install, configure and test ICT networks
1. Identify network concepts and terminology
2. Configure installed software
3. Test and install software and resolve problems
4. Operate installed software
5. Uninstall standard application software
This is a Framework qualification

Course preview

IT System Support Specialist

Entry requirements


No previous experience or qualifications in ICT are expected


Suitable for a wide age range starting from 19+

Will the qualification support progression to further learning?

The IT system Specialist Course provides the underpinning knowledge and skills that would allow a learner to extend their competency in further areas at the same or higher levels:


Vendor Qualifications: CompTIA Fundamentals or CompTIA A+


Improve their skills by undertaking a higher level qualification in Level 3


Level 2 Diploma in ICT Professional Competence


This qualification can also be used as part of an Intermediate and advanced Apprenticeships in Digital IT

Finance options

At Applied Business Academy, we tailor the training to suit your needs and the cost of our training programmes always aim to exceed the value you get out of it. Depending on the course you choose, the duration and cost differs. We have outlined the 3 possible ways to help you get the financial support to cover the cost of this course.

Funding and grants

At Applied Business Academy, we can offer this course fully FREE for you through the funding grants that we have secured, and If you are eligible, it can help towards the full cost of your training. The funding will have certain terms and conditions that will need to be satisfied in order to qualify for the FREE funding grant and these are managed by the ESFA.

Please speak to our Course Advisor to know if you qualify for this funding option and your requirements further.


You could opt to pay upfront or discuss a payment plan for the full cost of the course with our advisors.

How we can help:


Providing course outcomes along with a comprehensive training programme tailored for your company


Establish communication with your finance/ HR departments to arrange payment options


Outline the Terms and Conditions that apply

Speak to a Course Advisor for full information on the options available to you

Company Funded

Your current employer can support your cost for this course either in part or full. Please discuss with our course advisor if you are looking for full information on this finance option available to you.

What will you get in return?

A City and Guilds Diploma in IT is one of the most prestigious and widely known courses you can complete from one of the most highly regarded training organisations across London.Most employers throughout the UK recognise the City and Guilds qualifications and it shows the employers that you have been trained to a high academic standard.

Get CompTIA IT Certified


Become a BCS associate membership


Gain recognition by becoming a member of Professional Registration for IT Technicians (RITTech)

If you are completing the CompTIA certifications on top of your Diploma, then you will have world-class skills to showcase on your CV and gain the edge to at interviews to get a highly valued job.

An added benefit that ABA offers is the flexible study options through our online VLE. You will attend weekend classes at our training centre blended with an online Distance Learning platform that covers the course curriculum and objectives needed to gain the certification. You will still have full support and guidance from our course advisors.

Get ready for a promising career in the top industries








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