About Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship – Level 3

14 - 18 Months

Funded, non funded options available

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Course Introduction

This is a level 3 apprenticeship that takes typically 12-15 months to complete. An infrastructure technician provides support to internal and external customers, helping them to be productive when using technology to do their own jobs, by using tools to problem solve and trouble shoot non routine problems. The Infrastructure Technician sets people up on systems and provides support when they need it, rectifying issues to maintain the organisations productivity.

Course Delivery and Support

How to be the most sought out Infrastructure Technician Apprentice?

Also save upto 100% through funding

5 Reasons you should choose

Why take this apprenticeship?

As an apprentice in this course, you will have the opportunity to work in a professional environment and be paid a salary with no student debt, plenty of professional support and the chance to get your career off to a flying start.

What will you learn?

Learning will take place on and off your job which will easily fit your learning around your day job with access to our online learning platform. It can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.
You will complete:

Five knowledge modules introducing tech theory and fundamentals, through a combination of online learning and practical classroom workshops.

A work-based portfolio showcasing how you’ve demonstrated the skills you’ve learnt in real work projects.

An end-point assessment in the last 2-3 months of the programme – consisting of a synoptic project undertaken in the classroom and an assessment interview.

Course curriculum

Apprentices will understand – the use of a range of cabling and connectivity, the various types of antennas and wireless systems, and IT test equipment, maintenance processes and how to employ them in working practices, the fundamentals of computer configuration, the architecture of computer and business systems, the relevant numerical skills and the application of Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal notation. Demonstrate the networking skills necessary to maintain a secure network.
Apprentices will understand the similarities, differences and benefits of the current operating systems available. They will learn how to operate remotely and how to deploy and securely integrate mobile devices.
Apprentices will be able to demonstrate understanding and working knowledge of the Cloud and cloud services, importance of disaster recovery and how a disaster recovery plan works, and their role within it.
Apprentices will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business processes principles and techniques. Key areas of understanding and complying with business processes and working knowledge of business IT skills relevant to the organisation.
Understanding working / scripting at the command line: particularly when supporting any server work. Recognizing different coding and language. Understanding application life cycle management. Understanding algorithms and data structures. Understanding web page development.

Professional qualification you can choose

CCNA Security*
MTA Network Fundamentals
MTA Mobility and Devices Fundamentals*
MTA Server Admin * Enabling Office 365 Services
MTA Cloud Fundamentals
Network +* A + Security + Mobile +
CIW Network Technology Associate*
CIW – Internet Business Associate
CIW – Mobile Application Development
MCP Managing and Maintaining Windows 8 * MCP Configuring Windows 8 *
Enabling Office 365 Identities and Requirements
Install Configure Windows Server 2012 * Administration of Windows Server 2012 *
Configure Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services *
MTA Software Development Fundamentals
App Development
CIW – Internet Business Associate
ITIL Foundation Level

Course preview

Entry requirements

• 3 GCSEs (or equivalent) at grades A-C in any subject.
• GCSE Maths and English (or equivalent) at grades D or above.
• You must not hold an existing qualification at the same or higher level as this apprenticeship in a similar subject

Applied Business Academy Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship outcome

The learner will gain competencies in IT Security, Remote Infrastructure, Data, Problem solving, Workflow management, Health and Safety, Performance of hardware, software and Network Systems and services in line with business requirements
The learner will know and understand a range of cabling and connectivity, the various types of antennas and wireless systems and IT test equipment. They will also know basic elements and architecture of computer systems, cloud services, OS, coding and Logics and knowledge of specific business IT skills relevant to the organisation.
The learner will gain logical and creative thinking skills, Analytical and problem-solving skills, ability to work independently and to take responsibility and can use own initiative in a creative professional and secure working environment.

Expected job roles

The Level 3 Diploma in Infrastructure Technician Apprenticeship helps you open up opportunities to develop and enhance your, ensuring you have the grounding needed to become an

Finance options

Wherever possible our training is tailored to your needs. The cost of our training programs depend on the course(s) you choose and varies according to duration and breadth. We have a number of payment options available to ensure the cost of training is affordable and can accommodate your other financial commitments. Common ways people fund their training include:

Funding and grants

There may be the opportunity to apply for grants that can help towards the cost of training. All schemes will have different terms and conditions that will need to be met in order to qualify for a grant and these are managed by the ESFA. We recommend you speak to our course advisor to discuss your requirements further.

For individuals

You have an excellent opportunity to qualify for free funding that can help towards the cost of the training.

All schemes will have different terms and conditions that will need to be met in order to qualify for the funding options and these are managed by the ESFA in partnership with the training providers.

We recommend you speak to our course advisor to discuss your requirements further and find the best funding options available to you. They can check if you qualify for this free training.

How we can help:

Speak to a course advisor for full information on the options available to you

For businesses

If you are a small company and would like to train your staff, please speak to one of our advisors to find out the funding options available to you.

For large businesses, we recommend speaking to one of our consultants to discuss how funding can be utilized to upskill your existing staff at no cost.

Professional recognition with Applied Business Academy

This apprenticeship is recognised for entry onto the register of IT technicians confirming SFIA level 3 professional competence and those completing the apprenticeship are eligible to apply for registration.

Get ready for a promising career in the top industries

Completing this apprenticeship programme with its transferable skills will enable progression into roles such as a higher apprenticeship within the IT sector. As well as ensuring full competency as an IT technician, it provides the foundation of progression into number of career paths within various IT and Digital Pathways.

Student spotlight

Usmaan Raheem

Excellent training and very hands-on, in a fun learning environment. The blended learning was very good. I enjoyed the practical elements of the course. I would highly recommend it.

Annie Vong

A very helpful and resourceful training centre, with friendly staff and tutors with over ten years’ experience, sharing their advice and giving us real opportunities and insight into my aspiring job role in IT. The teaching style is unique and would leave you hungry for more. I would definitely recommend this course.

Alex Fidgeon
Alex Fidgeon

Hello! I am currently an apprentice for Applied Business Academy. My key passion in life is to have a successful career in the marketing and advertising industry and for me, apprenticeships are a great starting point for anyone interested in earning whilst learning.

I decided to choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship because it was the closest to what I wanted to learn about as well as learning things like Google Analytics, which I probably wouldn't have come across before. The journey so far has been really beneficial. Not only have I been getting real-life experiences that can be used as evidence, I am now learning how to communicate, deal with clients and work in a professional manner. The most interesting aspect of this apprenticeship so far is understanding the backbones of social media and how marketing is a huge part of making these platforms such a big success.

Purvi Mahanta
Purvi Mahanta

I have been a freelancer for so many years and my passion for learning something new brought me to Applied Business Academy. I enrolled myself on their IT Diploma programme and it has been a rewarding journey so far. I’ve learned a lot and through practical application of the learning, I have gained valuable IT support skills. I’ve joined the weekend class and if I find it hard to cope, I am given the option to come anytime on weekdays to get one-to-one support from a qualified IT assessor. I would strongly recommend this Level 2 course for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of IT support and how to become a first line support technician! A huge thumbs up to the team at ABA!

Shivani Chowdary
Shivani Chowdary

I was planning on not going to university and wanted to experience the world of work, expand on my skills and knowledge. Apprenticeships are a great way to get into work, to build from the ground up and it gives you a chance to earn while you learn. I gained a lot of knowledge about digital marketing during my time in ABA. It really opened my eyes to what it feels like to work in a professional environment everyday and I have improved a lot of skills over the period of time. The people are awesome and really friendly. The atmosphere at the office was fantastic; I got on well with everyone in my group. I would surely recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in marketing.

Malini Ravi Prasad
Malini Ravi Prasad

Getting into the IT sector is a hard gateway, but if like myself, you have the same passion and determination alongside the right training provider and helpful people then it makes life a lot easier. For me, I had little knowledge and experience in IT, but as I said before I had the drive that I always wanted to go into IT. Hence when the IT diploma programme was offered to me by Applied Business Academy, I jumped at the opportunity. So far we have completed five weeks of the programme, and I have to admit for me it is going fantastically well, for many reasons. Such as there is also the virtual learning environment for me to study anytime at my own convenience, it is fun and the staff are amazing! Whilst most people think that system support and hardware is for men, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the class was a wholesome mixture of both men and women.

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How to be the most sought out Infrastructure Technician Apprentice?

Also save upto 100% through funding