Management and Governance

Applied Business Academy (ABA) has a management structure headed by a Board of Governance which employs the Chief Executive as the head of the institution with responsibilities of academic leadership and oversight. The Board of Governance comprises the Directors and senior managers, together with external independent members and a Chair.

From our Chairman – Derek Shields

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I was delighted to be invited to chair the inaugural Board of the Applied Business Academy (ABA) and now look forward to playing a full part in guiding it towards a successful and sustainable future.

As board members, our main task will be to ensure that ABA achieves its stated purpose of providing high-quality, practically-oriented programmes. ABA is part of the private education sector, and so we must be alert to the need to provide value for money and career for students. We will oversee academic standards, ensuring that ABA works within national and international assessment and regulatory frameworks, and that the organization and management of the institution is fit for purpose.

I feel confident that the composition of the Board is adequate to its task and look forward to our helping to steer ABA towards its objectives