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About Functional Skills Maths – Entry Level 3, Level 1 and Level 2

6 - 8 Weeks

Funded, non funded options available

Applied Business Academy is offering the Functional Skills Maths in 3 levels in London (Free*) and you can gain a range of essential skills upon completion and progress further in your academic journey. You can benefit from gaining a range of Maths skills at different levels that suit your current requirements. Upon completion of your course you will learn and gain a Maths certification from the awarding body- NCFE.

Course Delivery and Support

Classroom Sessions- On Saturdays (6-8 weeks)

Allocation of IT Tutor with on-going support via email and telephone

Virtual Learning Environment, candidates must complete all online learning within the portal

Skills you will gain

Functional skills qualifications in mathematics assess three interrelated process skills:

Who could take this qualification?

Ideal for those wishing to develop practical, transferable skills in Maths in order to work confidently, effectively and independently in life.

Job prospects

You can secure work as an

Being able to demonstrate a high level of English Speaking, Reading and Writing skills will help you stand out and FIND YOUR DREAM JOB!

Functional Skills English course curriculum

This is a Framework qualification and comprises of the following courses:

Achieving this qualification This qualification consists of 3 mandatory components:

1. Understand routine and non-routine problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts and situations.
2. Identify the situation or problems and identify the mathematical methods needed to solve them.
3. Choose from a range of mathematics to find solutions.
4. Apply a range of mathematics to find solutions.
5. Use appropriate checking procedures and evaluate their effectiveness at each stage.
6. Interpret and communicate solutions to multi-stage practical problems in familiar and unfamiliar contexts and situations.
7. Draw conclusions and provide mathematical justifications.

To be awarded the NCFE Functional Skills qualification in English at Level 2, learners are required to successfully complete all 3 mandatory components, by achieving their task-based assessments.

Course preview

Functional Skills- Maths

Entry requirements

Will the qualification support progression to further learning?

It is suitable for a wide range of individuals and is fundamental to the successful completion of various wider qualifications and frameworks, such as the Diploma and Apprenticeships.

Finance options

At Applied Business Academy, we tailor the training to suit your needs and the cost of our training programmes always aim to exceed the value you get out of it. Depending on the course you choose, the duration and cost differs. We have outlined the 3 possible ways to help you get the financial support to cover the cost of this course.

Funding & Grants

At Applied Business Academy, we can offer this course fully FREE for you through the funding grants that we have secured, and If you are eligible, it can help towards the full cost of your training. The funding will have certain terms and conditions that will need to be satisfied in order to qualify for the FREE funding grant and these are managed by the ESFA.

Please speak to our Course Advisor to know if you qualify for this funding option and your requirements further.


You could opt to pay upfront or discuss a payment plan for the full cost of the course with our advisors.

What we can help by

Speak to a Course Advisor for full information on the options available to you

Company Funded

Your current employer can support your cost for this course either in part or full. Please discuss with our course advisor if you are looking for full information on this finance option available to you.

What will you get in return?

An added benefit that ABA offers is the flexible study options through our online VLE. You will attend weekend classes at our training centre blended with an online Distance Learning platform that covers the course curriculum and objectives needed to gain the certification. You will still have full support and guidance from our course advisors.

Get ready for a promising career in the top industries

Being proficient in Maths important when you are looking to learn and gain confidence to work in an office based role.

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