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It is a level 2 course, for those who would like to explore the application of
current data protection laws, including EU GDPR and the UK Data Protection Bill.

Course Delivery and Support

It is classroom training that requires minimum of 16 hours study.

Course Fee

£757 (with exam + VAT) *tbc

Skills you will gain

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to understand data protection and GDPR in particular.

Entry Requirements:

None. Some knowledge of data protection law would be anadvantage to the candidate, as well as basic working knowledge of IT and GDPR. If you already have this foundation degree prior to January 2018 and can provide us with the certificate, you can apply for the GDPR Update course. Please send us an email in regard to get more information on this update course.

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This topic ensures the candidate is able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the evolution of data protection law in the UK and the relationship with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
The candidate will be expected to identify the following UK definitions that support the application of the GDPR and the lawfulness of processingData controller, Data processor, Processing for purely personal or household purposes exemption and more.
This topic ensures that the candidate is able to identify how the six fundamental principles of data protection set out in Article 5(1) of the GDPR regulate the processing of personal data, as well as an understanding of the differences between them. The candidate will also be expected to understand data controller and data processor accountability established in Article 5(2).
The candidate will be able to identify the rights granted to individuals (Articles 12–22). Restriction on Data Subject Rights: The candidate will be able to identify restrictions that may affect data subject rights of access (Article 15).
The candidate will be able to identify the relationship between the PECR and the GDPR.
The candidate will be able to identify the controller and processor obligations like, Accountability and data governance, controller obligations and many more.
The candidate will be able to indicate how the supervisory authority (ICO) and the courts enforce the provisions of the GDPR and the Data Protection Act.
This topic ensures that the candidate is aware of the existence of published Codes of Conduct and official guidelines published by the ICO, the importance of using them and the existence of recognised standards that support data protection laws in the UK, including BS10012:2017.

Get ready for a promising career in the top industries

IT Support Services are required in every industry and across all verticals as this qualification is recognized by all leading hardware, software sellers, vendors, resellers, distributors or publishers.

Student spotlight

Usmaan Raheem

Excellent training and very hands-on, in a fun learning environment. The blended learning was very good. I enjoyed the practical elements of the course. I would highly recommend it.

Annie Vong

A very helpful and resourceful training centre, with friendly staff and tutors with over ten years’ experience, sharing their advice and giving us real opportunities and insight into my aspiring job role in IT. The teaching style is unique and would leave you hungry for more. I would definitely recommend this course.

Alex Fidgeon
Alex Fidgeon

Hello! I am currently an apprentice for Applied Business Academy. My key passion in life is to have a successful career in the marketing and advertising industry and for me, apprenticeships are a great starting point for anyone interested in earning whilst learning.

I decided to choose a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship because it was the closest to what I wanted to learn about as well as learning things like Google Analytics, which I probably wouldn't have come across before. The journey so far has been really beneficial. Not only have I been getting real-life experiences that can be used as evidence, I am now learning how to communicate, deal with clients and work in a professional manner. The most interesting aspect of this apprenticeship so far is understanding the backbones of social media and how marketing is a huge part of making these platforms such a big success.

Purvi Mahanta
Purvi Mahanta

I have been a freelancer for so many years and my passion for learning something new brought me to Applied Business Academy. I enrolled myself on their IT Diploma programme and it has been a rewarding journey so far. I’ve learned a lot and through practical application of the learning, I have gained valuable IT support skills. I’ve joined the weekend class and if I find it hard to cope, I am given the option to come anytime on weekdays to get one-to-one support from a qualified IT assessor. I would strongly recommend this Level 2 course for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of IT support and how to become a first line support technician! A huge thumbs up to the team at ABA!

Shivani Chowdary
Shivani Chowdary

I was planning on not going to university and wanted to experience the world of work, expand on my skills and knowledge. Apprenticeships are a great way to get into work, to build from the ground up and it gives you a chance to earn while you learn. I gained a lot of knowledge about digital marketing during my time in ABA. It really opened my eyes to what it feels like to work in a professional environment everyday and I have improved a lot of skills over the period of time. The people are awesome and really friendly. The atmosphere at the office was fantastic; I got on well with everyone in my group. I would surely recommend it to anyone who wants to start a career in marketing.

Malini Ravi Prasad
Malini Ravi Prasad

Getting into the IT sector is a hard gateway, but if like myself, you have the same passion and determination alongside the right training provider and helpful people then it makes life a lot easier. For me, I had little knowledge and experience in IT, but as I said before I had the drive that I always wanted to go into IT. Hence when the IT diploma programme was offered to me by Applied Business Academy, I jumped at the opportunity. So far we have completed five weeks of the programme, and I have to admit for me it is going fantastically well, for many reasons. Such as there is also the virtual learning environment for me to study anytime at my own convenience, it is fun and the staff are amazing! Whilst most people think that system support and hardware is for men, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the class was a wholesome mixture of both men and women.

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