SAP S/4 HANA Finance

SAP Accounting Powered by HANA

Overview of the SAPSimple Finance On-PremiseEdition 1511 Introducing SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA Describing the Architecture of SAP Simple Finance SAP Accounting Architecture rationale Changes in the Technical Architecture New Architecture - Universal Journal as a Single Source of Truth Understanding Non-Disruptiveness List of Tables replaced by Compatibility views Extensibility of Universal Journal Analyzing the Universal Journal Universal Journal Entry Document numbers in Simple Fiannce Prima Nota in Simple Finance Prima Nota Per Financial Component External Postings with Simple Finance Discussion on Appendix/Extension Ledgers Discussion on Usage of Appendix/Extension Ledger Analyzing the Central FinanceOption (Overview) Providing an overview of Reporting Options Introducing SAP Fiori Overview of Migration to the Simple Finance On-Premise Edition 1511 Discussion on the Migration process for the Simple Finance Analyzing the Migratiuon Process preparation for Migration Configuring the General Ledger Configuring the New Asset Accounting Migrating to New Asset Accounting Customizing the Account Based CO-PA Migrating to Universal Journal Finanlizing the Migration

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GL Accounts and Cost Elements in SAP Accounting powered byHANA

Understanding the new master data maintenance model
  • Comparing the classic data model and New Data for both matster data
  • Cost Element categories for GL Accounts from type "Primary Costs or Revenues"
  • Cost Element categories for GL Accounts from type "Secondary Costs"
  • New Cost Elelemnt Category 90 for Balance Sheet accounts

Understanding the handling for Asset and Material Accounts

  • Impact on Default Account Assignment
  • Impact on Authorizations

Understanding the Impact on the posting period locks

  • Effect on Period Locks
  • Period Locaks in Controlling
  • Period Locks in Finance
  • Fiori Application for Period Locks

Managing Ledgers in SAPAccounting powered by HANA

  • Undertanding the Enhancement to Ledgers with the Universal Journal
  • Understanding the Universal Journal
  • Basic idea of Appendix/Extension Ledgers
  • Usage of Appendix/Extension Ledgers
  • Technical logic of Appendix/Extension Ledgers for Read Access
  • Postings into the Appendix Ledger
  • Document Summarization

Configuring Ledger in SAP Simple Finance

  • Master Data maintenance of Ledgers
  • Company Code Assignment to Ledgers
  • Company Codes Settings for Ledgers
  • Additional Company Codes Settings for Ledgers
  • Assignment of Accounting Principle to Ledgers per Company Code
  • Understanding the Technical changes to the GL in Simple Finance

Providing an Overview of newAsset Accounting Functions

  • Introduction to the new Asset Accounting
  • Discussion on Technical changes to the Table in New Asset Accounting
  • Discussion on New Posting logics and its Simplification
  • Discussion on Benefits from the changed closing Process
  • Discussion on the application compatibility with new changes in the Architecture

Analyzing the Posting Logic ofnew Asset Accounting

Understanding the New Posting Logic
  • Posting logic in new Asset Accounting
  • Posting logic - Ledger Approach
  • Posting Logic - Accounts Approach
  • Discussion on the Integrated Asset Acquisition
  • Settlement of AUC
  • New and Obsolete programs in New Asset Accounting
  • Calculating and Posting Depreciation
  • New Depreciation Run

Configuring new Asset Accounting

Overview of Customizing and Migration
  • Customizing preparations in New Asset Accounting
  • Discussion on Parallel Valuation approach
  • Parallel Valuation - Ledger approach
  • Parallel Valuation - Accounts Approach
  • Discussion on Technical clearing account for Integrated asset acquisition
  • New Feature of Quantity Update
  • Document types for Integrated Transactions
  • Discussion on Additional Manual activities

Understanding the newArchitecture of ManagementAccounting

Discussion on Technical Changes in Controlling
  • Non-disruptiveness via copatibility views
  • Understanding the effect of modify operation on COEP table
  • Effects CO Postings without specifying the Ledger Group
  • Document type and Ledger groups in Controlling
  • Effects of CO Posting by Specifying Ledger Groups
  • Customization in Management Accounting
  • Checking and Adopting Fiscal year variants
  • Defining the Document types for postings in controlling
  • Mapping Variants for CO Business transactions
  • Postings in Controlling with respect to Ledger Groups

Understanding the MaterialLedger and Cost of Goods Soldhandling in SAP Simple Finance

  • Explaining Profitability Analysis inSAP Simple Finance
  • Outlining new Period ClosingPrograms for Management Accounting

Further SimpleFinance Integration

Outlining the Functions of SAP Cash Management powered by SAP HANA

Outlining the Functions of Integrated Business Planning for Finance (IBPF)

Central Finance Route without Migrating to Simple Finance - Discussion