Infrastructure Technician

Infrastructure Technician

What’s in it for the YOU, the employer?

Our apprenticeship program is to assist you in recruiting and developing your own digital talent. Employers have contributed to the design making this program, made by and for the employers. Our partnership with accredited organisations ensures that we have a strong flow of funding, and commitment to help make your apprentices become the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Salient features

  • The program is structured based on industry specific needs
  • Your apprentice gains a solid technical foundation needed to build a successful career path in your IT department.
  • Our apprenticeship is a way for you to build a talented workforce that understands your business needs.
  • Save costs tremendously on external contractors and training new staff members.
  • Along with the technical aspect we focus and work on underpinning Skills, attitudes and behaviours , so your apprentice is fully ready!

What experience will the apprentice gain?

This program will prepare your apprentice to

  • Provide support to internal and external customers.
  • Help them to be productive when using technology to do their own jobs.
  • Problem solve and troubleshoot non routine problems using appropriate tools.
  • Set people up on systems and provide support when they need it.
  • Rectify issues to maintain the organisations productivity.

What are the pre-requisitions for this apprenticeship?

  • 5 GCSEs, (especially English, Mathematics and a Science or Technology subject).
  • A relevant Level 3 Apprenticeship.
  • Other relevant qualifications and experience.
  • or an aptitude test with a focus on IT skills.

What kind of roles is this apprenticeship suitable for?

  • Helpdesk Technician
  • First or Second Line Support
  • IT Infrastructure Technician
  • Network Support

What is the length of this program?

The duration of this apprenticeship is typically 24 months.

Qualification Title TQT (Guided Learning + Direct Study + Assessment)
BCS Level 3 Award in Networking and Architecture 120 (30h + 89h + 1h)
BCS Level 3 Award in Mobile and Operating Systems 90 (20h + 69h + 1h)
BCS Level 3 Award in Cloud Services 90 (20h + 69h + 1h)
BCS Level 3 Award in Coding and Logic 90 (20h + 69h + 1h)
BCS Level 3 Award in Business Processes 60 (15 + 44h + 1h)

What qualifications are gained?

  • BCS Level 3 Award in Networking and Infrastructure
  • BCS Level 3 Award in Mobile and Operating Systems
  • BCS Level 3 Award in Cloud Services
  • BCS Level 3 Award in Coding and Logic
  • BCS Level 3 Award in Business Processes

What’s in it for the apprentice?

OUR apprenticeship program is designed keeping YOUR business and the Apprentice in mind, and there are more benefits that we can begin to write here!

  • Nothing beats a qualification that carries industry recognition
  • Be at the right place at the right time to network & develop contacts
  • Classroom and workplace are different, get real experience that supersedes theory
  • A qualification that improves employment opportunity and income

No doubt, there are many providers, so why should you choose Applied Business Academy? Because,

WE will look out for you, WE will enable your apprentice, and WE will take into account YOUR organisation and your objectives. We will align our apprenticeship program to meet your pathway for success.

Our apprenticeship managers will work closely with you and your apprentice to ensure that there is a safe, satisfactory, encouraging learning environment. Applied Business Academy account managers will strive to be available a chat, email or phone call away and be present to offer you advice at every stage, right from the application to certification.

We have world class accredited organisations by our side who will provide not just a certification but together we want to mentor, guide and lead you’re apprentice to add value to your business.

Contact us today by phone or email or web registration form and take the first step towards progress!