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6 steps to transition from Non-IT to Software Testing

5 November 2017

No one is untouched by the glamour and popularity of the IT industry in the recent times. Individuals who have entirely unrelated degrees in the last five years, to a decade or more ago are also interested in trying their hands in IT, Information Technology. And this is good news because along with competitive pay, challenging positions, wide spread global opportunities, technologically inclined roles, there is also immense scope for innovation and disruptive thinking, which can come through the Non-IT mind-set.

The IT industry is a huge wide spread canopy of a multitude of branches and one them that seems to attract everyone is the Quality Analyst (QA) or Software Testing. Why won’t it be! QA world comes with its own package of career progression opportunities and plenty more. May be QA could be the first rung of your ladder in to the IT sector, and help you determine what you want to build your life into.

Sounds good and tempting, but the ‘How’ of things is what most people find tricky, here we are to answer that!

One thing that should set the record straight is that, the below steps cannot ensure the outcome will be the same every single time. This is not a fool proof recipe but have definitely guided many before so we thought, why not share them with you!

Switching lanes from Non-IT to Software Testing: 6 essential steps

1. Find your calling:

What is pulling you? What makes you think of leaving your current sector? Find and understand the reasons that make you want to enter IT and specifically software testing field. Passion? Passing interest? Following a trend?

2. Study the industry:

Regularly search for jobs in your area, have conversations with friends & acquaintances, both online and offline. There are a huge number of forums and portals that have real people with experience responding to questions. You will have to do your study to check the demand for IT QA technicians, pay rates, work culture, what are the favourable skills and technologies, also the struggles involved.

3. Test your aptitude:

You may have a positive attitude and mind-set to take the plunge but your aptitude to this different kind of work may need testing. There are increasingly popular resources available on the internet and all it takes it is to search for them. Try your hand at it, test yourself and get a taste of what it feels like.

4. Get trained & get the help:

Self-help and self-learning is a great start to self-motivate. However the foundation and fundamentals are extremely important in a field of software quality assurance, skill building is essential. Find yourself a course or session, there are plenty of them online and offline including classroom sessions. Recommendations from friends & forums might be overwhelming but at the end of the day, your learning style matters most. Set realistic targets and do not attempt to learn all at once. The aim is quality and becoming master of one skill, one time. No shortcuts here!

5. Prove your skills with certification:

Although this doesn’t guarantee a job but won’t you give more weightage to a prospective candidate’s CV with certification? Invest some time, effort and finance into getting a professional certification which can act as a catalyst in this process. Speak to advisors at training centres personally instead of just reading their websites, they will have personalised advice and support available for you.

6. Ready, Set, Apply:

You may lack experience but make up for it with latest in-demand skills! Search for resources and courses that will equip you with skills, internships that prepare you all around. Build a strong resume that is designed to showcase your skills and not just experience. You will have to be confident and work hard, keep in mind that in order to obtain a successful job, a lot more is involved than just a CV and an opening. It is a very dynamic industry and things change constantly but what will help you sail through is to accept the changes and flow with it.

Stay motivated and get professional assistance from career advisors, trainers and choose training centres that do not just treat as you as a means of business but actually take interest in your career, life and success.

All the best.

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