Access and Participation Statement

Our Vision


Our aims are to develop and enhance in our learning community:

  • independent learning skills
  • digital literacy
  • employability skills
  • equality and diversity
  • enterprise and entrepreneurship skills
  • an enriched student learning experience
  • environmental awareness and sustainability
  • community engagement opportunities
  • employer engagement opportunities
  • excellence in teaching, learning and assessment

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to help individuals LEARN & GROW. We want to ENGAGE, EDUCATE and EMPOWER our learners to achieve their career potential and demonstrate technical proficiency, integrity and professionalism.

The Academy has, strategically, taken an inclusive approach to the work of engaging with individuals and groups of individuals with protected characteristics (as defined by the Equality Act 2010). As the provider of IT training in Dockland, we have implemented a differentiated approach to the support needs of our further education and higher education students. One very important aspect of the work of the Academy is to stimulate and support progression at all levels.

The Academy HE strategy is focused upon the development and delivery of high quality, vocationally relevant programmes to support internal progression, widen participation and to meet and external demand. There are four key priorities within this strategy.

  • 1. Provision for internal progression
  • 2. Focus on local and regional priorities
  • 3. Employability and skills development
  • 4. Creating a high quality, differentiated HE experience for students

Admissions and induction:

Recruitment to HE programmes at the Academy is supported by a number of strands of activity which are designed to widen participation.

  • Programmes are designed to facilitate flexible delivery. This enables those in work to attend on a part time basis for 1 day per week. Full time delivery is planned so as to cluster activities so that students are not required to attend across a number of days. This again means that students are able to work and therefore maintain an income
  • The Academy offers a range of access to Higher Education to support those who are returning to education and need knowledge and skills to facilitate study at a higher level
  • Induction sessions are offered to applicants throughout the year so that they get the opportunity to attend the Academy in advance of enrolment and discuss any potential concerns or support needs. Applicants are also able to experience the welcoming environment and small class sizes
  • The Academy support staff introduce the concept of Higher Education during induction activities for all ages

The entry criteria for all higher education programmes at the Academy include ‘non-standard’ options so as to encourage applications from those who have not followed a standard route and may not have UCAS tariff points.

Advice & Guidance

The Academy meets all aspects of IAG, with a clear focus on support provided to individuals to progress towards their academic and career goals. The Academy has a comprehensive student welfare services. From the moment any prospective student considers joining the Academy they will be able to access support with:

  • Course Information and Enrolment
  • Travel and Transport
  • Health
  • Welfare and Funding
  • Careers
  • Counseling
  • Learning support
  • Accessibility

If any prospective student is looking for assistance or support to help them make that journey into education, then the Academy support services are able to offer impartial Information, Advice and Guidance on a full range of services, including specialist staff to advise and support prospective HE students. Student Services provide IAG and support to complete application forms for Disabled Students Allowance.

Support for students comprising pastoral provision through tutorial programmes, additional learning support for students with basic skills needs, central Student Services and the library is a strong feature of the Academy. In addition to the cross Academy support services, higher education students have a dedicated student welfare officer to oversee their pastoral support and to ensure that individual needs are being met.

We value student input on widening access and participation. We use suggestions and reports from the student representatives, and outcomes of student surveys, as well as student feedback through the Annual Programme Reports, and personal tutors, to inform our strategies for access and participation.

Review of this statement

We review this Access and Participation statement annually as part of our annual review of policies. We will update and re-publish this policy annually as required by condition A2 of the Office for Students Regulatory Framework.

UK Quality Code references:

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